Welcome to Boneheads Groom and Board!


I would like to start by thanking you for visiting this website. I am very excited to be extending these new products and services to you.  It is my goal to reach out to new and current customers and invite previous customers back. 

Many of my customers ask me questions such as, “How often should my dog be groomed?“, “What would be a good breed of dog for my family to have?“, “What do you think my mutt is mixed with?“, “How can I control my unruly dog?“, “What causes this bad behavior?“, “Do you board?“, “When will you be opening a Doggie Daycare?“, “How long have you been a groomer?“, “Do you sell grooming supplies?” “Do you know anyone who has Chihuahuas?“, etc…  I will do my best, both on this website and in person, to answer all of your questions.

I want to ensure a safe environment for your pets to visit. For this reason I require that all pets be vaccinated for rabies. See the grooming section for a downloadable form that is required to be filled out at your pets first appointment.  If you are unable to download, forms are also available when you arrive.

In addition to helping my customers, I would also like you to have some fun.  So be sure to check out this website periodically.  There will be various coupons available to you, as well as contests with awesome prizes for the winners!!

Boneheads is the one place where size does’nt matter. I do not breed discriminate or tranquilize. Everyone is welcome!! 

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